Verivery has released a cover dance video of VIXX.

Verivery drew the attention of VIXX's cover dance video, which was established as a unique concept in the music industry through its unique stage and concept through official YouTube and Naver TV at 8 p.m. on the 14th. Verivery has performed a free and refreshing stage, is showing an restrained and refined appearance through VIXX's "Shangri-La" which has been popular as an Asian fantasy, drawing enthusiastic response from fans.

In the vide, Verivery appeared wearing a dark suit, marking a strong start with a dreamy look. VIXX's signature of Shangri-La expressed the perfect dance point with a fan.

In addition, the silhouette of the Verivery members in the red light gave a unique atmosphere of sexiness, a unique atmosphere, and a sense of immersion, such as watching a single film, with their own deadly effects, and drew admiration from both domestic and foreign fans.

Especially, Verivery performed "Shangri-La" cover dance of VIXX, a senior member of the same agency, is rumored to have prepared more details, including costumes and fan props, in order to show the perfect video as well as a more thorough choreography.

Verivery said, "We’re not good enough, but We hope you enjoy it! We respect VIXX," showing their respect for their senior group and gave a warm feeling.

In addition, Taiwan's MTV also paid attention to Verivery, which introduced Verivery as a boy idol that was shown at Jellyfish Entertainment in seven years, and also broadcasted the program that highly appreciated the direct filming and editing of the video with creative dol, and running SNS accounts on their own.

Verivery is a group that has a wide range of skills, including writing, composing and producing video content.

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