Jeong Se woon, a singer-songwriter, has released a special ±0 film just before his comeback.

The management company Starship Entertainment posted ±0 film of Jeong Se woon's new mini-album "±0 (Plus minus zero)" on their official SNS and YouTube channel on the 13th.

In the released film, Jeong Se woon appears in a sensual background filled with beautiful flowers and bright sunlight, it is drawing attention. Jeong Se woon exudes a dreamy yet mysterious atmosphere, revealing a powerful and enchanting aura. from stylish suits, the image is matured through fancy fashion. Through narration with a low voice, the film's subtle and beautiful image is multiplied. also, the scene of Jeong Se woon waking up from a long sleep at the end of the film suggests a comeback is imminent, raising expectations for the new album.

Jeong Se woon unveiled a photo teaser with a deep charisma, and then released ±0 films with a rich story, raising the mood for his comeback. Contrary to the image of Jeong Se woon, who was shown in the previous film, the movie gives a different twist through its strong and mature appearance and heralds another growth and transformation.

Jung Se woon's new mini-album "±0 (Plus minus zero)" is a music savvy album that defines his true self as zero and sets the gap between images added or subtracted as positive and negative. It is the first new album to be released in eight months following last year's "ANOTHER" and is expected to capture both the eyes and ears of the fans by going deeper into the music and spectrum.

Jung Se woon released his new mini album "±0 (plus minus zero)" and his title track "Feeling (Feat. PENOMECO)" on 19 and made a comeback to the K-pop scene.

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