A mini album of boy band VAV finally takes off the veil.

VAV released their fourth mini album, "THRILLA KILLA," on various online music sites.

Last year, they successfully finished the world tour that included 28 performances in 23 cities around the world, including the U.S., Brazil, Europe, Japan and Thailand, their new album, which has been active, heralded a more masculine and provocative appeal.

Especially, it is highly anticipated that hit maker Ryan and famous Swedish producer Hitmanic have produced the title track, creating the song that maximized the appeal of VAV’s homme fatales.

VAV successfully completed a showcase to commemorate the release of their new album "THRILLA KILLA" at Ilji Art Hall in southern Seoul on 18, is determined to put a strong eye stamp on the public through the album, which contains the members' first self-written song.

The fourth mini album, "THRILLA KILLA," featuring VAV’s Unique musical colors and rich charm, is now released on various online music sites.

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