Ha Sung Woon has swiped over the Japanese archipelago.

StarCrew Ent has announced as, “Ha Sung Woon has successfully finished the first exclusive fan meeting held in Tokyo and Osaka in Japan on the 17th and 19th”.

The Asia Fan Meeting Tour of Ha Sung Woon which first started in Japan was held twice in NHK Hall in Tokyo on 17th, and twice in Grand Cube of Osaka on the 19th, total of 4 concerts were held.

Ha Sung Woon has melted the eye and ears of the fans in Japan with composition of talk, game, mini concert, and others for two days in fan meetings. Especially, Ha Sung Woon has presented the Japanese song ‘Sekai Ni Hitotsu Dake No’ without background music.

After finished fan meeting in Japan, Ha Sung Woon thanked the fans through SNS for those who came to the fan meeting by saying “It was very pleasure time that I was able to meet all of you from Tokyo until Osaka under same Japan sky. Thank you for coming”.

Meanwhile, Ha Sung Woon left Japan and headed to Taiwan for his fan meeting to be held at TICC HALL of Taiwan on the 23rd afternoon. 

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