Park Ji Hoon, who does not miss any ability of singing or rapping, is getting hot response with his solo album preview filled with his own voice.

Maroo Entertainment has released the highlight medley of all tracks together with the album preview of Park Ji Hoon’s first mini album ‘O’CLOCK’ through official SNS on the 22nd midnight.

The released video contains highlights of all 6 tracks including the title song ‘L.O.V.E’ as well as the opening track ‘The beginning of…’, ‘US’, ‘Would you’, ‘Dawn Moon’, and ‘Young 20(PROD. by Lee Dae Hwi)’.

In addition, through the album jacket image showing different atmosphere in each song, he showed off the concept of Park Ji Hoon, who goes beyond a sexy man and purity boy. 

Also, he presented perfect visuals by showing up in Red·White·Black suit sequentially, and raised the fan’s excitement who are waiting for the release of the album with his flawless vocals and rap.

The first solo album ‘O’CLOCK’ of Park Ji Hoon, which came during special time at special moment, will be an album where the infinite possibilities of Park Ji Hoon as solo singer can be confirmed which is different from Park Ji Hoon of Wanna One.

Especially, while the fan showcase of Park Ji Hoon where his first solo debut stage can be seen ahead of the album release was sold out in 1 minute, the interest towards Par Ji Hoon is pouring out regardless of home and abroad as the highlight medley has released as well.

Meanwhile, the first mini album ‘O’CLOCK’ of Park Ji Hoon will release in various soundtrack sites at 6 o’clock on the 26th afternoon, and the title song ‘L.O.V.E’ will first release on the stage of the showcase that will be held at Gyedang Hall of Sangmyeong Art Center on the same day afternoon.

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