The group B.I.G. has raised the K-POP wave once again in Arab Market.

GH Entertainment said, ‘BIG’s Abu ‘3 Daqat’ cover video has surpassed 1 million views recently”.

The covered song ‘3 Daqat’ of B.I.G. is a song released in 2017 and has surpassed 440 million views in YouTube which is used a lot as belly dance music and is a global hit song that is even familiar to the Korean listeners as well.

In the video, B.I.G. has made the viewers smile with the funny face, friendly charming rhythms, and they have presented their song perfectly with talented Arabic language and singing abilities.

Also, at the end part of the video, Soya appeared and sang the Yousra part of the original song and created the natural harmony together with the B.I.G. members which added fun to this cover video.

With this, the original song owner Abu and Yousra shared the video and thanked B.I.G. about covering ‘3 Daqat’. The local fans responsed as ‘better than original song’ ‘the pronunciation is amazingly perfect’, etc.

This is not the first time of B.I.G’s ‘Global Cover Project’. They also have released ‘La Bezzaf’ last January 31st and has surpassed 2 million views recently and has stepped up as a global idol group.

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