The group 100% appeared on 'Idol Radio' and showed off their charm of 400 percent.

Appearing on MBC's standard FM "Idol Radio," which aired on 18, 100 percent showed a variety of features, including voice of mind, and extraordinary charm, boasting a total of 400 percent appeal.

On that day, 100 % appeared with their new song "Still Loving You," performing retro sexy performances, and taking time to explain the tracks from the new album "RE:tro."

First of all, performed the stage the charm of rock hyun and Hyuk jin. Hyuk jin sang a song with a refreshing voice. And Rock hyun captured the hearts of listeners with a loud voice of appeal as he staged.

Afterwards, Jong hwan showed a slight and charismatic appearance, and at the same time he was embarrassed, showing his charm and authenticating his charm, Lastly, Chan yong performed a acrostic poem with "Idol Radio" to show off his extraordinary charm.

100% are making a comeback with their new song "Still Loving You," continuing their brisk activities.

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