[The Fact] ‘FAN N STAR’ is holding a birthday support for the group's Super Junior Eunhyuk.

A website that delivers information on idol rankings ‘FAN N STAR’, is working on Eun hyuk's birthday project on 20. An advertisement celebrating Eun hyuk's birthday is a global event posted at major centers in South Korea and Japan.

This project will be completed through cooperation between FAN N STAR and Elf (the name of Super Junior's fan club). Depending on the star (point) attainment rate according to the fan participation, advertisements for Eun hyuk's birthday will be posted at various locations.

Events are available at the "Star Market" section on the ‘FAN N STAR’ website. Fans donate stars from various activities directly to Eun hyuk's birthday market.

Eun hyuk's birthday support shows comment of his fans, "Happy birthday to you. Good job! Be happy! Congratulations!, "Happy birthday to you, I'll do the Elf as I am!" and others.

Eun hyuk's birthday event is now 27 percent complete. With the deadline four days away, attention is focusing on whether the company will be able to surpass 100 percent or more for the rest of the year.

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