[The Fact] "Stay with us forever"

FAN N STAR is hosting a surprise event for the group EXO on 20. It is a big ad event celebrating EXO, which is set to mark the seventh anniversary of their debut on April 8.

The project to mark the seventh anniversary of EXO's debut will take place simultaneously in South Korea and Japan. If all of the celebration projects opened on South Korean and Japanese websites are achieved by more than 100 percent, congratulatory videos will be screened at an electronic display board in the center of each country.

When the star reaches 400 percent, the Travel Bus commercial will also be conducted, and when the star reaches 600 percent, the venue for the celebration will be expanded to the Apgujeong CGV screen. Another gift prepared by FAN N STAR will be unveiled if it quickly breaks through the target figure.

At present, celebrations for EXO's seventh anniversary are being held, and it shows comment of their fans “ Let's celebrate EXO's seventh anniversary for a long time" and "As a proud EXO-L, CONGRATULATIONS EXO"

It is expected that this project will be able to succeed for the rest of the year while it has surpassed 50%.

"FAN N STAR" is an idol weekly ranking website operate by The Fact. It will hold the "The Fact Music Awards" at Namdong Gymnasium in Incheon on April 24.

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