[The Fact] An idol weekly ranking website FAN N STAR operate by The Fact, has opened a support to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the group's OH MY Girl.

FAN N STAR began supporting Oh My Girl on 22. Fans are already rushing to participate with an electronic signboard support that celebrates their fourth anniversary on April 21.

FAN N STAR held the support of OH MY GIRL, and will show congratulatory videos at 43 stations on subway line No. 2 when it achieves 100,000 stars (concepts of points that can be collected within the site).

If it reaches 400,000 stars, the electric display board on Seoul Subway Line 2 will run advertisements for foreign-only Travel buses. And if it reaches 600,000 stars, it will screen congratulatory videos through the Apgujeong CGV screen, and if it reaches 900,000, it will also be able to win the Hongdae Multivision, drawing attention from fans.

In particular, OH MY GIRL succeeded in celebrating the third anniversary of their debut last year. However, FAN N STAR prepaid 100,000 points this year as compensation for a problem with the Japanese electronic display board and the transmission of congratulatory videos to other alternative electronic displays. OH MY GIRL has acquired an electronic display board on subway line No. 2 with 100,000 points prepaid by FAN N STAR.

Oh My Girl’s fan meeting open and will meet with the fans at 5 p.m. on April 20 at Kwangwoon University donghae ‘ at Culture & Arts Center auditorium 2019.

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