Before the comeback, Black Pink Jennie unveiled a personal teaser.

YG Entertainment unveiled Jennie's teaser poster on their official blog at 9:30 a.m. on 26.

Jennie in the poster caught her eye at once by trying to transform herself with blond hair. Jennie overwhelmed the screen with her unique styling and makeup, giving off a mysterious vibe.

Black Pink, which first released Lisa's personal teaser poster on 25. and set a date for her comeback on April 5, will once again shake the K-pop scene with the title track "KILL THIS LOVE" and an EP album of the same name.

In particular, it has been about nine months since the Black Pink comeback was announced in June last year, and global fans who have been waiting for Black Pink's new music are excited.

On the choreography, the four world-class choreographers were joined and were conceived as more dynamic performances than any other song that Black Pink has performed so far.

Black Pink members finished filming the music video for their new song, staying up all night for four days. They are doing their best until the last minute, working hard to practice hard for the new stage.

Black Pink announced its advance into the U.S. last year in partnership with Interscope of Universal Music Group, the largest U.S. record label, will begin full-scale activities in the U.S. with its new EP album. The festival will be staged at the Coachella Festival, the largest music festival in the U.S., on Oct. 12 and 19, and will continue various local promotions along with tours to North America starting in Los Angeles in the U.S. from 17.

With "KILL THIS LOVE," a new song released on April 5 by Black Pink, a global girl group, attention is focusing more than ever on what new music and strong performances will catch fans around the world.

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