The KARD has caught the eye by releasing a music video teaser with their perfect visuals.

As of midnight on 26, the KARD agency DSP Media released music video teaser videos on their official website, YouTube and SNS.

The released teaser is packed with videos showing the individual characteristics of each four member of KARD. It has raised expectations for their new album, which is released on 27, by displaying a variety of different styles as well as costumes and background concepts.

The first digital single "Bomb Bomb" teaser shows the climax of the concept that only mixed groups can show. especially, fans are praising Aura in the personal teaser, which features four members who were released sequentially for the previous four days.

KARD is set to make a comeback through their digital single "Bomb Bomb," which is released at 6 p.m. on 27 for the first time since their official debut. KARD has been pouring everything for a new album for eight months since last year, is simply determined to show their perfect stage.

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