[The Fact] An idol weekly ranking website FAN N STAR operate by The Fact, unveiled an electronic display board that is being shown in South Korea, successfully supporting the group's IMFACT JEUP on his birthday.

On 27, FAN N STAR released a photo of the video clip celebrating the birthday of the IMFACT JEUP, which is being shown at a subway display on Line No. 2 in Seoul. On the 1st, FAN N STAR held JEUP's birthday support event and achieved 100%. This has confirmed advertisements for 43 subway stations on line 2 in Seoul from 27 to April 1.

The released video lists the mentions and comments of fans who participated in Jeup's birthday support. The nick name 'susyb___' said “I hope this birthday is full of happiness and all your wishes come true.” Nick name 'Naomi_94' said “I hope all your wishes come true. Happy birthday~”

The nick name 'IF♥JEUP' said “Stay with us forever. love your shining beauty.” Nick name ‘이프다욧’ said “You are the best gift of my life! I'm always grateful that we've met.” And last nick name ‘온리업’ said “Thank you for coming to us” drew attention from the fans.

FAN N STAR will host the "The Fact Music Awards" at the Namdong Gymnasium in southeastern Incheon on April 24.

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