Kim Jae-hwan has released his first daily V-log video with his various charms.

the agency Swing Entertainment posted Kim Jae hwan's first daily Vlog video through their official YouTube channel.

The video released on the day will begin with Kim Jae hwan's trip to Gangwon Province by train. When he visited the ski resort, he challenged the board for the first time, and after repeated falls and waking up, he showed off his deft gliding skills.

After dinner, he went back to the ski resort to ski at night, and his instructor said, "I've already recognized Kim's skiing skills. Even though he’s on the board for the first time today, he is also equipped with both motor nerves, sense and correct posture.

Kim Jae hwan has been communicating with fans in various ways while preparing for his solo album, made headlines when he finished a guerrilla counter offensive event marking White Day on 14. In addition, the video has drawn attention by revealing the original version of the V-log that caused fans' curiosity as a surprise announcement last month, and the video has shown its power with high views as soon as it was posted.

Kim Jae hwan boasts outstanding vocal skills, is currently working on music for the release of his first solo album with high quality.

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