The member of 3 Classmate Jae seong visits music fans with a heart-warming propose.

HF Music Company started releasing the image teaser on 3 Classmate’s official SNS account on 25.

Jae seong in the photo, is meeting with fans with a piece of paper reminiscent of a scene from the film "Love Actually." Especially with lyrics full of sweetness in paper, it added to expectations for the new song.

Jae seong will release his first solo single "Wonderful" on April 1. It is a medium-tempo blues song featuring a man's confession to a loved one, and is rumored to add to the sweetness of Jae-sung's luxurious yet rich tones by melting them with melodies.

The Agency HF Music Company said Through Jae seong's solo single, “I'd like to share another attraction with our 3 classmates. they've completed a song full of excitement with spring, so please give me a lot of attention and love."

Jae seong's proposal song "Wonderful" will be available on various music sites at noon on April 1.

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