Apink marks the eighth anniversary of their debut, will release a fan song in April.

The agency Plan A Entertainments said "Apink marks the group's eighth birthday this year, will release fan song in time for its debut date of April 19 to repay fans' love, Please look forward to it since you will be able to feel Apink's unique bright and healthy energy in the upcoming song, which will be released in digital single form." On 27.

Apink met fans with a new song in three months after their eighth mini album, "PERCENT," in January. It is a song to celebrate the 8th anniversary. No special broadcasting activities related to the new song are performed.

Apink is already rewriting the history of girl group, including the song "Good Morning Baby" in 2014 and the title track "Cause you’re my star" in their special album "Dear" in late 2016.

Apink has established theirselves as one of Korea's leading girl groups in name and reality, will once again express their deep appreciation through the fan song, leaving a number of mega hits including "No No No," "Mr. Chu," "LUV," "FIVE" and "I’m so sick"

In addition, Apink predicted that they would hold a fan meeting "Apink is eight years old" on next month of 20 to look back on their steps with fans. As a result, there is already keen interest in Apink's eighth anniversary event.

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