100% will leave for the spring train tour with their fans.

100 % will celebrate the release of their sixth mini-album "RE:tro," will leave for the “Spring Train Tour" with fans to showcase their high end fan love.

100 percent will travel with their fans on a train tour to Chuncheon to host a "running autograph session" on the train, as well as host various programs such as memory selection board events and group photo shoots to make room for all to enjoy together.

The "Spring Train Tour" was organized in response to the opinion of the 100 % who said they wanted to go on a picnic with fans several times.

As the new album "RE:tro" means "a 100 % answer to love sent by fans," 100 % of the members are showing their fan love through a variety of fan events such as giving candy and handwritten notes for White Day and leaving the "spring train tour."

100 % is creating a spot with fans with various exotic promotions, continues to be active with their title track "Still Loving You," and performed on Mnet's "M Countdown" on 28.

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