[The Fact] An idol weekly ranking website FAN N STAR operate by The Fact, released an electronic display board being shown in Japan, successfully supporting the group's highlight Lee Gi kwang on his birthday.

On March 30, FAN N STAR released a photo of a video clip celebrating the birthday of Lee Gi kwang, the highlight of which is being screened at a large electronic display located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. On the 1st, FAN N STAR held Lee Gi kwang's birthday support event and achieved 100%. This has confirmed the advertisement for Shinjuku, Japan's Shinjuku electronic billboard, from 30 to April 1.

The released video lists the mentions and photos of fans who participated in Lee Gi kwang's birthday support. The nick name 'kinchan' said "日本からありったけの愛を送ります" nick name 'ONE0330' said "いつも笑顔でいてね♡ ずっと待っています。 I Love You" nick name 'bohana' said "ギグァン君の笑顔が癒しです! まわりを明るく照らしてくれる光です! 幸せにしてくれてありがとう"

The nick name 'KAORI18' said "いつも一生懸命な기광 そんなあなたが大好きです. ずっとずっと応援しています Love you〜" and last, nick name 'トトcafe' said "いつもファンの事を考えてくれてありがとう. 日本から応援しています. I really Love you Gi Kwang!"

FAN N STAR will hold the "U+5G DerFact Music Awards" at the Namdong Gymnasium in southeastern Incheon on April 24.

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