Block B Bastarz released a teaser video for the music video for "Help Me," the title track of their third mini-album "I'm a Mess" on the official SNS channel on 26 afternoon.

The released teaser video shows the members in different places wearing suits.

Especially, "Help Me," blends with teaser, maximizes the emotions expressed by the three of them, and also captures the eyes of fans by displaying an emotional atmosphere.

Block B Bastarz’s title track "Help Me" is a jazz-based song featuring neat synthesizer sounds. The lyrics, which express a lonely heart left alone on the streets at night, will convey loneliness that contradicts the cheerful rhythm.

The members of Block B Bastarz, they all announced their participation in the music video's production as well as their lyrics and compositions, plans to boast a variety of musical colors as well as their ability as a production group through "I'm a Mess."

Block B Bastarz "I'm a Mess" released on various music websites at 6 p.m. on 28

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