Actor and CROSS GENE leader Shin Won ho released a new single that participated in the production himself.

According to his agency Amuse Korea on 27, singer-songwriter Shin Won-ho will be the third main character of the "2019 Cross Gene Relay Single Project" and announce his digital single "Time," which took part in direct production through various music sites.

Starting with first runner Se young's "Winter Rain," the "2019 Cross Gene Relay Single Project" has released their second single Sang min's "24hrs," and Shin Won ho, who has recently been showing active activities in various ways in dramas and musicals, will continue the project as the third runner.

Especially, Shin Won ho drew attention by participating in direct production of the upcoming single, following his last single "Serenade." As a singer, he is constantly challenging new fields such as various dramas and musicals, and has always shown improvement, making him an all-around entertainer.

Shin Won ho's digital single "Time," the third protagonist of the "2019 Cross Gene Relay Single Project," available on various music-based sites.

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