Jeong Se woon made a surprise debut at the musical "Grease."

The agency Starship Entertainment made headlines on 27 afternoon by posting a behind-the-scenes cut on their official SNS channel that features the musical "Grease," which stars Jeong Se woon.

In the released photo, Jeong Se woon is neatly dressed in a black hooded T-shirt and sporting a warm-looking look at the scene of Grease's mourning. With the smiles of those who see him fresh and fresh, Jeong Se woon will soon show his passion for practicing. further one's curiosity about this performance

The musical, "Grease," is about young people's dreams, passion and love with the rock'n'roll culture that was popular among young Americans in the '50s who advocated new freedom, and Jung plays Danny, a handsome and charming character at Ridell High School, the background of "Grease."

Since Jeong Se woon is the first musical to challenge since his debut, he is said to be practicing acting and singing even before the start of the full-scale.

Based on this, attention is being paid to what and `Danny` will look like and what new attractions it will bring to you from the previous characters.

Jeong Se woon has gained attention by challenging the musical for the first time since his debut, recently released his new mini album "±0 (plus minus zero)" and has been active with the title track "Feeling" (Feat. PENOMECO). It boasts a refreshing vocals under trendy melodies and lyrical lyrics, showing stellar growth, including the No. 1 spot on the music charts, including Hanteo Charts.

, a musical starring by Jeong Se woon, will be performed at Seoul's Sindorim D Cube Art Center starting April 30.

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