The group SF9 released an English version of ‘Enough’

U.S. Online Music channel MTV reported "K-pop group SF9 will release their first English song 'Enough' (K-pop GROUP SF9 DEBUT THEREIR FIRST-EVER ENGLISH SONG AND VIDEOOUH)," on 28 (local time).

The released video of "Enogh" performance is a new English lyrics version of the song "Enough" which was released in Korea in February. This event is specially prepared for overseas fans who have been waiting for SF9's "2019 SF9 USA and EUROPE LIVE TOUR [UNLIMITED] tour to America and Europe starting in April, and overseas fans can feel the sexy and sensual energy of "Enough."

In an interview with SF9, MTV not only told stories about the "Enough" English version, but also told what it would expect ahead of their U.S. and European tours.

As for the new American and European tours, SF9 explained, "Since the last performance in the U.S. was a fan meeting format, we are going to show a lot more music performances and unique performances this time," adding, "There are different performances that we created, stages prepared with English songs, and covers of hit songs."

SF9's performance in the Americas came about a year and five months after the 2017 SF9 BE MY FANTASY IN USA, which was held in November 2017. Amid rising expectations from local fans for the tour with the release of the "Enough" performance video, SF9 is set to captivate fans overseas with their upgraded performance and sword dance.

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