The 59th episode of "Baek Jong won's Alley Restaurant," which aired on 27, played until the end, and said good bye to viewers.

Jo Bo ah joined the program in March 2018 as the MC of only Woman, showed off her strong presence over the past year and delivered bright energy to the small screen. As a result, most of viewers wanted to take a closer look at the charms of Jo Bo ah, who has been loved by viewers, through keywords and ease the viewers' regret.

#'Sympathetic Fairy
Jo Bo ah did as a great bridge by showing her honest, sympathy and consideration for others within the program, and communicating with others in a warm heart. This heartfelt moved the hearts of the president and viewers of Alley Restaurant, creating a "Effect of Jo Bo ah," and has established herself as an indispensable and important role.

#Rich expression and Rich nickname
Jo Bo ah's expression conveys her mind and emotions everytime, such as when she is in a difficult situation or when she eats something bad, has become a popular element of the show, representing the viewer's mind. In addition to the signature 'Sympathetic fairy', such as 'Tasteless eater', 'Villain reader', 'Tasting fairy' and 'Cleaning fairy', has led viewers to laugh.

#Passion and Sense
Jo Bo ah's unusual passion and sense were also one of the funniest things to see. Despite busy schedules such as Takoyaki in Sinpo Market and Twisted donut in Cheongpa-dong, she won the competition with the owner. She was praised for her enthusiastic participation in the program, and on Geoje Island's side, she created "TOT Gimbap" with her own brilliant ideas.

Jo Bo ah has been active in the year-long with Beak Jong won’s Alley Restaurant, will remain in the hearts of viewers, even though she has left the program.

On the final broadcast, Jo Bo ah said, "I'm very grateful to the viewers for loving the me and also for loving and the program, This Beak Jong won’s Alley Restaurant, gave me the wings of my life as an actress" expressing her love for the program. And added word "The real owners of the Alley Restaurant, they're getting nervous I hope you make them to relax," said to next MC.

Jo Bo ah is set to appear in the drama ‘Secret’, where she will play the role of surgical resident Jeong Young jae, and will approach viewers with a new look.

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