Actress Fujii mina will participate in the Cannes International Series Festival with the Japanese drama "Junichi."

The agency O.N. WORLDWIDE said, "Fujii Mina has been officially invited to the Cannes International Series Festival. Since it is the only female lead in "Junichi," On 28.

Starring Fujii Mina as the heroine, "Junichi" tells the story of a mysterious young man named Junichi dating women of various ages with a unique way of thinking about love.

 ‘Junichi’ is the first Japanese drama to be aired on Inoue Areno, and is also drawing great attention and expectations as it is the first official appearance of the Cannes International Series Festival.

Recently, Fujii Mina signed an exclusive contract with global entertainment and agent group O.N. WORLDWIDE, signaling active Korean activities.

Following "Saving:ROCK," which is popular in Japan, Fujii Mina is scheduled to meet viewers in the second half of the year with "Junichi."

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