Girl group Mamamoo's new song ‘Gogobebe’ is showing off their powerful global influence.

"Mamamoo has set a new record on the World Digital Song Chart with "Gogobebe," said Jeff Benjamin, a renowned U.S. columnist, on 27 through a K-pop column corner.

Jeff Benjamin said “Mamamoo is setting a meaningful record on the global chart, despite the release of Mamamoo's new album, adding that the title track ‘Gogobebe’ ranked second on the Billboard World Digital Songs sales chart this week.”

Especially, ‘Gogobebe’ recorded more than 1.5 million streaming cases in the U.S. alone last week, up 396 percent from the previous year, it added, making it a surprise. Mamamoo's previous record was "You’re the best," released in 2016, when Mamamoo ranked third on the World Digital Songs Sales Chart.

Jeff Benjamin then took note of the World Albums chart. Mamamoo's new album "White Wind" jumped three notches to No. 5 this week, following their entry into the world album chart at No. 8 last week.

Mamamoo has been leading the K-pop market, entering the world album chart for the second straight week. Moreover, on this week's World Albums chart TOP10, Mamamoo is even more eye-catching as she is the only Korean girl group to have one spot.

Mamamoo's new song, ‘Gogobebe’ is a reggae ton genre, with an impressive Latin guitar riff. The sound is both dreamy and weighty, and has a wide range of melody lines, and shows its imposing charm of moving forward without being drawn to past love and work.

Mamamoo is making an active comeback with the title track "Gogobebe." added the No. 1 trophy to their Mnet music program "M Countdown," which aired on 28, and is currently recording four career gold medals on music broadcasting.

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