[The Fact] An idol weekly ranking website FAN N STAR operate by The Facts, released an electronic display board that is being shown in Japan, successfully supporting singer Shitao Miu’s birthday.

FAN N STAR released a photo of a birthday video of Shitao Miu, Shitao Miu is showing at a large electronic display located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. On the 8th, FAN N STAR held a birthday support event for Shitao Miu and achieved 100%. This has confirmed the advertisement for Shinjuku, Japan's Shinjuku electronic billboard, from 26 to April 1.

The released video lists the mentions and photos of fans who participated in the birthday support of Shitao Miu. A message of fans' affection catches the eye.

FAN N STAR will host the "U+5G The Fact Music Awards" at the Namdong Gymnasium in southeastern Incheon on April 24.

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