[The Fact] What's the surprise birthday present prepared by MOOMOO?

A website that delivers information on idol rankings FAN N STAR, opened a birthday project for the group's Mamamoo Wheein on April 22. Currently, the event has been achieved 107%.

The project can be joined by fans from home and abroad. Success will be confirmed by achieving star (point that can be gathered from site) based on participation of fans. The more stars gather, the more ads are placed in various places to celebrate Whine's birthday.

Participating in the event can be done at the Star Market section on the FAN N STAR website. This is how fans donate their hard earned stars directly to Wheein's birthday market. Stars can be easily obtained by doing various activities on the site.

Wheein's birthday project surpassed 100 percent, and the advertisement for subway line No. 2 has been confirmed. Attention is focusing on whether this momentum will allow more stars to gather during the rest of the event.

MAMAMOO has confirmed their attendance at the "The Fact Music Awards" on 24.

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