Singer Park Ju hee has been cast as the main character of the drama "My Name is Trot."

The Drama produce company Eco human issue Korea announced "Park Ju hee is known as a singer with extraordinary passion and talent on stage, and if she Challenge on acting, she will be a perfect all-around entertainer, Singer Park Ju hee rose to stardom with her national hit song "Honey," will show a new look as actress Park Ju hee," 

"My Name is Trot" will feature a genre called trot and a realistic story without a love line. It is expected that the drama will feature the realistic story of the singers and behind-the-scenes stories.

Park Ju hee has made her name known through a variety of hit songs, including her favorite songs of the people, "Honey," "Lucky," "Why" and "The Way to Love," and she released her new song on April 21.

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