[The Fact] 'FAN N STAR' opened the group 2PM Woo Young's birthday support.

Idol weekly ranking website FAN N STAR held a birthday event for Woo Young on 5. It is a special support project where advertisements for Woo Young's birthday are posted in several places.

Woo Young's birthday market is a success rate of star (a point that can be collected on the site) based on the participation of fans. The more stars gather, the more celebratory ads are placed in various places.

When 100,000 stars are reached, celebratory videos will be shown at 43 stations on the subway line No. 2 in Seoul. If the number of stars reaches 400,000, a video screening of the electronic display board on Seoul's subway line No. 2 and an advertisement will be made for the foreign Travel Bus.

If 600,000 stars are reached, congratulatory images will also be displayed on the Apgujeong CGV screen. If 900,000 stars are reached, advertising sites will be expanded to Hongdae Station Multivision.

Wooyoung's birthday support runs through 21, can take part in the "Star Market" section on the FAN N STAR website. Most of fans are looking forward to success for the rest of the event.

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