[The Fact] The idol weekly ranking website FAN N STAR operate by The Fact, unveiled an electronic display board event that is being shown in South Korea, successfully supporting the group's seventh anniversary of EXO's debut.

FAN N STAR released a video photo celebrating the seventh anniversary of EXO's debut on 8, which is being screened at a subway display on Line No. 2 in Seoul. On the 8 of last month, FAN N STAR held an EXO support event and achieved 100%. As a result, advertisements for electronic display boards at 43 subway stations on Line 2 in Seoul have been confirmed from 2 to 8.

The released video lists the messages and photos of fans who participated in the EXO support.

The nick name ‘엑샤엔’ said “Congratulations on EXO's seventh anniversary. Let's be together for a long time.”, nick name 'Mijaloey' said "As a proud EXO-L, CONGRATULATIONS EXO", nick name ‘엑소만사랑해’ said “Congratulations on becoming EXO's 7th anniversary!! Let's continue forever as we do now.”, nick name ‘큥이저아’ said “Congratulations on your 7th anniversary. Let's celebrate the 70th anniversary together.”, and last, nick name ‘알찬열매뿌뿌’ said “EXO is the brightest king on the stage. fans will always be on your sides.”

FAN N STAR held a support to celebrate group EXO's Baek hyun's birthday on 5. Anyone who loves EXO can participate in.

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