The Black Pink Ji soo showed off her seductive beauty.

YG Entertainment released a teaser video for Black Pink Ji soo's "KILL THIS LOVE" on their official blog at 9 a.m. on April 2.

Ji soo drew attention in a style with half ponytail hair and lace choker necklaces. she created a unique atmosphere by staring at the camera while touching her earring.

Black Pink made come back with their new EP album "Kill This Love" on 5, they are working hard to prepare for their new album activities, including choreography practice.

Black Pink's new EP album includes five tracks, including "Kill This Love," subtitle track "Don't Know What To Do," "Kick It," "Hope Not" and remix versions of "DDU DU DDU DU."

Especially, the album is released at midnight on April 5 in an unusual move for simultaneous release worldwide.

After the release of "Kill This Love," Black Pink will be on stage at the Coachella Festival, the largest music festival in the U.S., on 12 and 19, followed by a tour of six cities and eight North American concerts starting in Los Angeles from 17.

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