Rapper #Gun shone on his unique music style with his new song "AQUARIUM" music video.

The #Gun released a new digital single "AQUARIUM" on Thursday and released the music video in a surprise move.

In the music video, #Gun is trapped in a blue AQUARIUM that holds deep darkness, creating a mysterious and strange atmosphere.

In the new single "AQUARIUM," #Gun perfectly played the R&B genre with attractive vocals and rapping and expanded the musical spectrum further through a music video with a unique vibe.

After appearing on Mnet's "Show Me the Money 5" in 2016, the show proved his diverse music color through his debut single "BEEP," "Sunflower Dance," and "Red Light." #Gun produced the last single himself and showed off his musical talent, has continued to participate in songwriting and composition in this single, showing off his artistic side.

The #Gun is scheduled to release his new single "AQUARIUM" on 1 and continue his active music activities.

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