The member of girl group Apink Yoon Bomi, released a surprise behind the scenes with the cast of "Farming Academy."

Yoon Bomi released a photo taken at the filming site on 31, along with an article on her Instagram saying, "Tonight at 12:20 p.m. at the Farming Academy SBS."

In the photo, Yoon Bomi showed off her signature healthy and bright energy with her pose, which is pose making V with the cast. According to officials, the shooting took place in a warm atmosphere, as can be seen in the photo.

Yoon Bomi plays role of "Kang Han byeol," the female lead in SBS' Moby Dick shortform drama "Farming Academy," which made headlines even before the show. Yoon Bomi is receiving a heated response for her performance, which delicately expresses the agony and passion of youth toward farmers in the drama that first aired on 30.

The drama "Farming Academy" is a young mini-drama about how Kang Han byeol (Yoon Bo-mi), daughter of a rural sweet potato farmer, feels affection for the farming industry as she enters the Korea National Agricultural and Fisheries University, and episodes of her freshman friends aired 3rd and 4th episodes on SBS on April 6.

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