BoA's new Japanese single 'スキだよ -MY LOVE-/AMOR’ is released on 3.

The upcoming single features two songs, "CSI - MY LOVE-" and "AMOR," in which BoA participated in composing, it is expected to drawing attention from local music fans.

Especially, 'スキだよ -MY LOVE-' is an impressive ballad song with a waltz-inspired rhythm, clear piano sound and soft instrument play, and lyrics written by GACKT, a famous Japanese musician, to the appeal of the song by adding wishful thinking to the star.

"AMOR," a Latin pop genre featuring acoustic guitar sounds, mesmerizes the ears with the mature voice of BoA and the lyrics that express a woman's heart that desperately wants a loved one, and has received a lot of love from OST of the TV Asahi drama "I LOVE YOU" (NANDO and LOVEOU).

The single is also released on various local music sites including Melon, Flo, and Genie at 12 p.m. on 4.

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