The Five-member new girl group BVNDIT has released a full-body teaser image that raises questions about their debut concept.

BVNDIT posted two teaser images for their first album "BVNDIT, BE AMBITIOUS" group at midnight on 3 through their official SNS account.

The public image shows the five members of the BVNDIT in casual wear, and the members showed off their girl crush charm.

Through the group teaser, the members showed off their pure, unique visuals and a different feeling from individual teasers, raising the expectations of fans waiting for their debut. At the same time, it has raised questions about what concept will take the first step in the K-pop scene.

‘Chung ha’s sister group’ BVNDIT’s first album "BVNDIT, BE AMBITIOUS!" is the most anticipated album of the first half of this year, is now released on various online music sites.

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