[The Fact] “Happy Birthday Dae sung!”

The website that delivers information on idol rankings FAN N STAR, is hosting a birthday support for the group's Big Bang Dae sung on 10. Currently, the event has been achieved by 7 percent.

Dae sung's birthday project is a global event where fans at home and abroad can participate together. Success will be confirmed by achieving star (point that can be gathered from site) based on participation of fans.

When the star reaches 100 percent, congratulatory videos will be shown at the electronic display board of 43 stations on Seoul Subway Line 2. If 400 percent of the stars are reached, a video screening of the electronic signboard on Seoul Subway Line 2 and an advertisement for the Travel Bus will be held.

If a star reaches 600 percent, congratulatory videos will also appear on the CGV screen in Apgujeong, and if the star surpasses 900 percent, advertising space will be expanded to Hongdae Station Multivision.

Dae sung's birthday support has been followed by congratulatory messages from fans, including "Dae sung cheer up!" and "I'll always support you, Dae sung, I love you." With the event running until the 14th, attention is being paid to whether the event will be successful for the rest of the days.

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