The last member of C9BOYZ took off the veil.

At midnight on April 3, C9 Entertainment posted the first profile image of their last member of C9BOYZ, BX through their official social networking site, 

In the released image, BX captured fans' hearts with dark black hair and sexy eyes. Especially BX's manly jawline, which contrasts with his innocent style of fashion, further maximized his charm.

C9BOYZ is receiving a lot of attention as members of the group, is the first new boy group to be showcased by C9 Entertainment, which includes Yun Ha, Cheetah, Lee Seok hoon, Juniel and Good Day.

With new members of C9BOYZ being unveiled every Wednesday, started with Bae Jin young, who ended his Wanna One activities in December last year, BX, which has improved his profile as the last member, is expected to prove the appearance of a five-member boy band that will hit the K-pop scene in the second half of this year.

C9BOYZ a new five-member boy band that has already gained public attention by securing fandom at home and abroad, is aiming to debut in the second half of this year, and curiosity about thier official team name is also rising.

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