Lee Gi kwang has unveiled a specl iamusic video for his new song ‘Lonely.’

At midnight on April 5, agency Around Us Entertainment posted a music video for ‘Lonely,’ a collection of Lee Gi kwang's digital single album released on March 18, which was released through official YouTube and SNS channels.

The sweet feeling hip hop song ‘Lonely’ was written by Lee Gi kwang, participated in the writing and composing of the song. In the released music video, Lee Gi kwang joins choreographer Ria kim to show the excitement of a man and a woman in love who are in love to match the warm spring. It also attracted viewers' attention, displaying a variety of charms, ranging from chubby cuteness to a groovy, powerful figure.

The choreography for ‘Lonely’ has been completed by "Ria Kim," who is now a world-renowned choreographer in the name and reality section of "1 MILLION Dance Studio," which revolutionized the Korean string dance scene.

Music video of Lonely has already drawn enthusiastic responses from fans by performing in Lee Gi kwang's solo concert, is based on Lee Gi kwang's desire to prepare and show more content than in the military, leaving him with a heart to show himself to fans who will wait for him even once he enters the military.

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