The rookie five-member boy band VANNER hosted their first V Live.

VANNER has been active from showcase to fan signing events as well as music shows since the release of their debut album [V], hosted their first V app V Live at 7 p.m. on April 7 to communicate with fans. It was also the first time that 10,000 fans watched the show, proving it to be a rising trend.

‘Better Do Better,’ the title track of the full-length album [V], aims to win love by doubling the heart and excitement of a man in love with a cross-over genre. It was also produced by producers JINHYUK and Yoo Song yeon, while VANNER members Tae hwan, GON and Ahxian participated in writing and composing.

Rookie boy group VANNER established a fandom even before their debut with more than 200 concerts in Japan last year, and is known to be a talented group with both visual and talent, drawing public and officials' expectations.

Especially, VANNER has been making headlines for their unconventional moves, including announcing the release of a full-length album and the hosting of a showcase with their debut.

VANNER has been active since the release of their debut album [V].

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