VIXX Hyuk will meet with Cha Jun hwan to present a special performance.

VIXX's Hyuk, has established himself in the K-pop scene with a unique concept, will perform live at the ice show "Artificial Intelligence LG ThinQ Ice Fantasia 2019" attended by figure skating star Cha Jun hwan and global figure skating stars.

The ice show attended by VIXX Hyuk will be held for three days from April 19 to 21 at the Indoor Ice Rink in Mokdong, where medal hopefuls from the 2022 Beijing Olympics, including Cha Jun hwan, Medvedeva, Jason Brown and Jin Jinyang, will participate and herald a high-quality and splendid performance.

At the ice show, which is drawing keen expectations from figure skating fans with its colorful lineup, VIXX hyuk will perform his own song and first digital single, "Boy with a Star," live.

"Boy with a Star" is a song about a boy who is clumsy and immature in front of the world and love, who suddenly looks at the stars of the night sky and recalls his past memories. The lyrical lyrics and melody met with Hyuk's sweet voice to make the song rich, and improved the completeness, made headlines with a special song that captures the emotion of "25-year-old Han Sang-hyuk."

Especially, VIXX Hyuk will unveil a live performance of his own song "Boy with a Star" for the first time through the ice show. Fans are paying more attention to the song "Boy with a Star" and the stage where Cha Jun hwan will meet to complete it more beautifully.

The "Artificial Intelligence LG ThinQ Ice Fantasia 2019," which VIXX Hyuk is meeting with Cha Jun hwan to herald a special stage, is scheduled to be held from April 19 to 21 at the Indoor Ice Rink at Mokdong General Stadium.

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