Girls' Generation's Yuri (a member of SM Entertainment) successfully completed her first solo Asian fan meeting tour.

Yuri held "YURI 1st Fan meeting Tour "INTO YURI" in SEOUL at 5 p.m. on April 7 at Yes24 Live Hall, mesmerized the audience with colorful performances.

Especially, the upcoming fan meeting in Seoul was the finale of the first solo Asian fan meeting tour, which took place in Bangkok, Taipei and Tokyo in February, drawing attention as Yuri became the sole DJ without an MC and communicated more friendly and close to the audience.

Yuri also gave a great performance, including "Into You," the title track of her first solo album released in October, as well as "Illusion," "Butterfly" and "Ending Credit," as well as "Gee," "Kissing You," "Oh!" and "Lion Heart" and other hit songs from the world.

In addition, Yuri breathed more closely with fans as a relay game and released a video of a heartfelt hand writing letter to fans, which also touched the glass with a placard event that read, "It’s just our first scene."

Yuri is challenging the stage for the first time since her debut as a college student "Constance," who wanders in search of dreams in the play "L’ETUDIANTE ET M.HENRI," and is well-received for her high synch rate with the character and stable acting, which will be available at Uniflex Hall 1 in Daehangno until May 12.

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