[The Fact] An idol weekly ranking website FAN N STAR operate by The Fact, released an electronic display board showing in South Korea and Japan, successfully supporting the group's MAMAMOO Whine birthday.

FAN N STAR released a birthday video of Mamamoo Wheein, which is being screened at a subway display board on Line No. 2 in Seoul. On April 22, FAN N STAR opened a celebration of MAMAMOO's birthday and achieved 100 percent. This has confirmed advertisements for 43 subway stations on line 2 in Seoul from April16 to April 22.

The released video lists the mentions and photos and messages of fans who participated in the Mamamoo Support.

The nick name ‘아녜진화사해’ said “Beautiful Wheein, Happy Birthday!” nick name ‘마마무무맘무’ said “Pretty just like Cherry blossom wheein, Thanks for being with us”

Nick name ‘Whee바라기’ said “3rd member of MAMAMOO, Happy birthday Wheein!!” nick name ‘네저는무무입니다’ said “Thanks for coming for us on these warm and bright April” nick name ‘휘이인아’ said “Happy Birthday Wheein! Don’t forget that We will always be on your side”

The group of Wheein, MAMAMOO released their ninth mini-album "White Wind" on March 14.

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