[The Fact] An idol weekly ranking website FAN N STAR operate by The Fact, has unveiled an electronic display that is being shown in South Korea, successfully supporting singer Park Ji hoon.

FAN N STAR released Park Ji hoon's solo debut cheering video, which is being shown at a subway display board on Line No. 2 in Seoul. On April 22, FAN N STAR opened a cheering event for Park Ji hoon's solo debut and achieved 100 percent. This has confirmed advertisements for 43 subway stations on line 2 in Seoul from April 16 to April 22.

The released video lists the messages and photos of fans who participated in the Park Ji hoon’s support.

The nick name 'winkbaby' said “I wish you to be happy, I love you Ji hoon!” nick name ‘토끼풀윙깅’ said "Park Ji-hoon. Congratulations on your solo debut. Let's stay together like we did in the first place."

Nick name ‘지훈짱’ said "I'm only going to see Ji-hoon. With May forever." Nick name ‘마이럽윙깅이’ said “Congratulations on your solo debut, Ji hoon. Always cheer for you.”

Nick name ‘째니만바라봐’ said “I hope every day will be happy. I promise to be a May for you!”.

Park Ji hoon released his first solo album "O'CLOCK" on March 26.

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