[The Fact] The idol weekly ranking website FAN N STAR operate by The Fact, has successfully supported the group's SHINee Minho, revealing an electronic display board running in South Korea and Japan.

FAN N STAR released a video photo of SHINee Minho, which is being shown at a subway display on Line No. 2 in Seoul. On April 22, FAN N STAR opened a cheering event for Minho and achieved 100 percent. This has confirmed advertisements for 43 subway stations on line 2 in Seoul from April 16 to April 22.

The released video lists the messages and photos of fans who participated in the Minho Support.

The nick name ‘샤월’ said “I'll be waiting for you’, nick name ‘김예민’ said “You are my greatest hope. Take care and I will wait for you.”

Nick name ‘일팬덤심미농’ said “I'll wait for you to finish well and come back. Let's meet again”, nick name ‘구일’ said “Minho, I'll always wait here. Minho is the hopes of SHINee WORLD!”, and nick name 'noudy' said "Come back safely we will wait for you"

Minho entered the Republic Korean Marine Corps' Education and Training Corps in Chungmu-ro, 5,000-eup, Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province on April 15. After basic training, he will serve in the Marine Corps.

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