Rookie boy band 1TEAM has released a choreography video for their title track ‘VIBE.’

1TEAM drew attention when it released a video of choreography practice for their debut album ‘HELLO!’ on their official YouTube channel and Naver V-app at 19 p.m. on April 8.

In the released video, the 1TEAM members are performing an irresistible performance, wearing casual outfits and performing choreography that matches the vibrant melody, and are catching the attention of fans with choreography that has kept each member's individuality alive.

The agency LiveWorks Company released a choreography video for ‘VIBE,’ the title track of 1TEAM's debut album ‘HELLO!.’ As 1TEAM members are working hard to perform on a high-quality stage through steady practice, I ask them to continue to show their interest and support," 

1TEAM continues to be active with their debut song ‘VIBE,’ is drawing keen attention from fans as it ranks 13th in the first week of their debut in Mcountdown, and will release choreography videos for "COUNTDOWN!" which includes the song ‘HELLO!’ and ‘BOT U’ on April 9.

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