The music video for the song "I'm Sorry," which was released by global group VAV to reward fans for their love, is a hot topic.

VAV released the music video for "I'm Sorry," a song that contains their fourth mini album "THRILLA KILLA," through their official YouTube channel on April 8.

The music video that released, was played in Olocke in the Czech Republic. Against the backdrop of the beautiful scenery of the Czech Republic, a man's mournful performance of emotions is outstanding.

VAV recently released their fourth mini album, "THRILLA KILLA," and is working as the title track of the same name. Currently, the music video for "THRILLA KILLA" runs toward 18.6 million views. In particular, the album will feature the members' first self-written song, showing the music color and charm of VAV, and also the musical capabilities of VAV.

The VAV successfully wrapped up their world tour last year that encompasses 28 performances in 23 cities around the world, including the U.S., Brazil, Europe, Japan and Thailand, is gaining popularity by sniping at fans' hearts with their masculine sexiness.

Starting with Toronto, Canada, VAV plans to visit seven cities in turn, from Jersey city on April 27, San Juan on April 28, Chicago April 30, Dallas May 1, San Francisco May 3, and Los Angeles May 5. It will also be on stage for "KCON 2019 JAPAN," which will be held at the International Exhibition Hall in Makuhari, Japan, from May 17 to 19.

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