The leader of Verivery Dong heon released his personal teaser image as the first runner.

Verivery released his personal teaser image for his second mini album "VERI-ABLE," which is set to be released on the official SNS at 0:00 and 12:00 April 8 (local time), and drew attention with a visual look expecting the concept of his comeback album by releasing leader Dong heon as the first runner.

In the image first released at midnight, Dong heon exudes the charisma of a chic and cold man, based on his tone down reddish background. The dyed hair style of the unconventional beige tone is also impressive.

The blue tone teaser image, which was released at 12 p.m., was followed by a perfect version of a checkered jacket and a blue T-shirt, perfectly digesting the sharp concept, from a dreamy atmosphere to a sharp charisma image, as if it were dressed in its own clothes, drawing a heated response from fans.

Verivery appealed to the soft spot with their debut album "VERI-US" released in January, has been amplifying fans' curiosity about the new album with a 180-degree contrasting visual through their second mini album.

Starting with Coming Soon teaser video on the 7th, Verivery is planning to release variety of contents including individual teaser images by member sequentially and speed up preparation for their comeback on the 24th.

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