Jeong Se woon successfully completed the official activities of 'Feeling (Feat. PENOMECO)'.

After SBS' "The Music Trend" aired on April 7, Jeong Se woon ended his career with "Feeling," the title track of his mini album "±0 (plus minus zero)."

Jeong Se woon made his comeback to the K-pop scene on April 19, has displayed 200 percent of the singer-songwriter's true value through his album activities, unleashing unusual musical growth and a colorful mood.

Jeong Se woon showed off his mature masculinity by showing a completely opposite visual appearance. The boyish, who is full of softness, has disappeared and the charismatic figure revealed anew has served as an opportunity to confirm another attraction of Jeong Se woon, he has been hiding, and fans responded to the transformation with a heated response.

The album, filled with more mature music, has also received keen attention. Following his last album, he also participated in the writing of the title track "Feeling (Feat. PENOMECO)" to increase her participation in the album, and added his own song "White," which melts the lyrical mood, to further show off his singer-songwriter appearance.

In addition, the remake "Going Home" was reborn as a new emotional piece of music, and the song "My Ocean" was a music video featuring a lonely and beautiful landscape on Jeju Island, touching the rich music world for the listeners.

Based on this, Jeong Se woon topped the music charts, as well as Hanteo Charts, gained high attention from Jeff Benjamin, a columnist for Billboard, a well-known U.S. music media outlet, and is drawing more attention by announcing his debut in "KCON 2019 JAPAN" for the first time since May.

Jeong Se woon is proving an unusual growth as a "singer-songwridol," building up a musical career step by step at home and abroad. Afterwards, he will continue his active activities, including "Danny," the main character of the new musical "Grease," and "Seoul Jazz Festival 2019," which will be staged in May.

After a successful album, Jeong Se woon is gearing up for the performance ahead of the opening of the musical "Grease" on this coming April 30.

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