Singer Kim Seong ri showed off his ability as a solo artist.

Images of the track list of the mini-album "First, Love" were released through Kim Seong ri's official SNS channel on April 8.

The released tracklist image includes five tracks, including "Nouvelle Vague".

The title track "That's You" is a special serenade by Kim Seong ri, who confesses his ardent love. The combination of delicate vocals, beautiful string sounds, acoustic guitar and bass sounds will also deliver a dramatic atmosphere.

Kim Seong ri's "First, Love" tells a variety of love stories of his own, and is born with an album that can appreciate emotional vocals.

Kim Seong ri's "First, Love," which is raising expectations for his comeback with various content, is released on various music sites at noon on April 15 and will meet fans at Hana Tour's V Hall at 8 p.m. on April 15.

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