Global group IZ*ONE returned to the K-pop scene with their second mini-album "HEART*IZ" on April 1, has been surprised by their splendid performance over the past week.

One week after their comeback, I've picked up the meaningful results that IZ*ONE has achieved.

# 2nd mini-album 'HEART*IZ' All-time girl group album breaking new records

According to a report released by Hanteo Chart, a local music sales website, the total initial sales volume of “HEART*IZ”, which was 132,109 copies (based on April 1 to April 7 2019).

The result is higher than TWICE's previous record of first-time sales of local girl group records, which rose to the new No. 1 spot in about a year and a half, at the same time, as it was the first girl group ever to achieve more than 130,000 initial sales.

Even when her debut album "COLOR*IZ" was released, IZ*ONE broke the record for the first album with 80,822 copies of their debut album and became the most popular girl group.

#MV of their Title track "Violeta" reached Views Speedy to Over 10 Million Views

The music video for "Violeta," the title track of his second mini album "HEART*IZ," uploaded on the official YouTube channel at 6 p.m. on April 1, was successfully viewed by more than 10 million viewers three days after its release.

This is even more surprising in that it's a one-day faster pace than the pace of the increase in the number of views of the music video for their debut album "COLOR*IZ," which had reached 10 million views in just four days after its release.

The music video for "Violeta" still represents a fast-growing page of views, thanks to the explosive interest of netizens around the world. With the number of views surpassing 18 million as of 7:00 a.m. on April 9, attention is being paid to when the number of views will surpass 20 million.

# The most wanted to cast in Entertainment Programs.

Upon their comeback, IZ*ONE quickly emerged as the No. 1 idol in the entertainment industry after receiving a series of love calls from various entertainment programs.

On the day of IZ*ONE's comeback, KBS2's "Hello Counselor" featured Kwon Eun bi and Kim Min ju as guests, and on the 2nd, they made a full appearance on JTBC's "IdolRoom" and released their skills in the long-awaited entertainment shows. Jang Won young was then featured on JTBC's "Let’s Eat Dinner Together" on the 3rd and Jang Won young and Kim Min ju appeared together on "Happy Together 4" to show off their witty Taking skills.

And also Miyawaki Sakura is working with national MC Kang Ho dong on Olive "Everybody's Kitchen," Ahn Yu jin on the latest MBC "My Little Television V2," and Choi Ye na is showing off her charm and talents in tvN's "Amazing Saturday – Hogu's Life in the Grave," respectively.

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